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Why the Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Cart is the Only Cart You’ll Need

April 12, 2016  |  Comments

Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts blog

Kingcab Heavy Duty Mobile Cart

The Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart by Strong Hold sounds like quite a mouthful, but it couldn’t be simpler. This mobile cart is among the best items for your maintenance needs. Managing many different carts to haul around all your essential tools works for some people, but if you want a simpler, all-inclusive solution, boy, have we got a product for you!

Allow us to tell you why this Kingcab mobile cart is the only kind of cart you’ll need.

Stainless Steel Kingcab Heavy Duty Maintenance Mobile Carts

It’s strong enough for heavy, daily use

Heavy duty work requires heavy duty equipment. Whether that’s working on cars or heavy machinery all day long, you need a mobile cart that can stand up to a lot of punishment.

This Kingcab maintenance cart is built from top grade 12 GA steel. It has a 2000 lb. total capacity and a giant 48” width, ensuring you can take all your essential tools on the go. It sits on four sturdy casters and features two doors for safety and security. Each drawer boasts a 225 lb. capacity—perfect for heavy duty industrial applications.

It has just about every feature you need.

We could talk all day about the strength of the Kingcab mobile cart, but that means little without features to support it. Thankfully, this cart has plenty:

Six pull-out drawers. The Kingcab heavy duty cart has your small parts storage covered. Six drawers can hold bits or even small tools, saving you the trouble of having to go back and forth between the job and the tool shed. The cart comes with one 6” high drawer while the other five are 5” high.

One adjustable shelf. For bigger jobs, you’ll love having two shelves. Drills and other large tools will easily fit inside a single cart. You can also adjust the shelves as needed, giving you the maximum amount of room you need, when you need it.

A workbench. The top surface of a Kingcab maintenance cart actually acts a sturdy workbench. This is great when you need a mobile surface to work with, or even just a flat surface to set your tools down for a moment.

Order Your Kingcab Mobile Cart Today

Strong Hold is known for making some exceptionally sturdy products. But the Kingcab heavy duty maintenance mobile cart may just take the cake. If you’ve been looking for a sturdy all-purpose cart to help you work more effectively and efficiently, we invite you to give this one a try.

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