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Learn About Our New Single Tier Designer Lockers

July 29, 2016  |  Comments

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Single Tier Designer Lockers

Introducing the designer lockers. They are perfect for executive areas. This is a step up from the simple locker, it is very sophisticated. This is ideal for a professional environment. If you are looking for something like that, something that can awe the crowd, then you found the right place.

Single Tier Designer

The Single Tier Designer Lockers single tier design lockerscome in a wide variety of styles which will be nice for the environment because it will be more personalized.  Our colors consist of grey, blue, black, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Many people get a single toned locker; however, if you have the desire to make a statement about your locker you can 2 tone it. A 2 toned locker will definitely stand out, and if that was what you wanted, you could try a maple locker with black side panels. These two colors will look great together and make a strong depth perception because there is an extreme light and dark color. You will be able to spice up any room with our attractive wood lockers. A full depth hat shelf, a shoe shelf, and a double prong ceiling hook is included. That will give you the best amount of storage, what could be better?

You can buy the standard model which is the cheapest. If you are looking for something a bit better you could also add on the sloping hood to prevent lost objects overhead, and side panels to gain a nice finished look. This ships fully assembled for your convenience.

Want simple?

If you are searching for somethingUH3258 1A PT cheaper that you can buy in a big bulk, consider our Inexpensive Single Tier Lockers. They are a step down from the previous locker, but it still gets the job done. This simple locker is in stock for fast delivery in 2 colors. The door has a 16 GA construction. To make this locker more personal you can get metal lockers with wood doors for only a small premium. Inside is a double prong ceiling hook and 2 single hooks. If you like this model but want a different locking system try the Single Tier Lockers.

All of our lockers are made to benefit our customers, call today at 800-209-8798!

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