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Save the Day with the Lifting Power of a Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom

May 4, 2016  |  Comments


Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom Review

Are you a one-man lifting army? When your coworkers struggle with the latest package from UPS, do they turn to you for help?

If so, you would love the hydraulic drum carrier boom. This empowering piece of equipment lets you lift hundreds of pounds that would otherwise be impossible to move. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself!

Read on to find out more about your new best friend and lifting partner, the hydraulic drum carrier boom.

What Makes the Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom So Super?

Like other jib cranes, the hydraulic drum carrier boom lifts loads far beyond the capacity of a normal human being. You can really channel your inner superhero with one of these. You can single-handedly lift, transport, and dispense up to 800 pounds thanks to this convenient carrier.

That’s right, the hydraulic drum carrier boom is a single operator machine. Just secure the drum via a safety saddle and lift it with the hydraulic foot pump. You can then roll your heavy load using 4” rear swivel casters and 8” rigid wheels for stability.

This product uses hand crank or chain rotation to tilt and rotate the drum. This is great for positioning drums right where you need them. Generally, fully loaded drums are heavy and unwieldy. They can’t be easily moved without help, and this hydraulic boom was invented to solve this very problem. Even superheroes like you need a little help now and then. This crane gives you that help, and you can still operate it all by yourself.

Hydraulic Drum Carrier Boom


Choose the Right Version for Your Needs

You have your choice of four available lift heights with the hydraulic drum carrier boom. It comes in 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96” maximum heights. Remember—the maximum capacity for this product is 800 lbs., so be sure not to overextend beyond the maximum height and capacity. You know how everyone says to lift with your legs, not your back? Safe lifting applies here too.

The hydraulic drum carrier boom is available as either an AC or DC powered version. Or, if you want to feel rally macho, you should order the hand crank version. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to lift heavy drums with ease.

Are you ready to move heavy drums safely and with perfect efficiency? Order the hydraulic drum carrier boom today!

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