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Mobile Shop Desk- The Next Big Thing

July 18, 2016  |  Comments

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Mobile Shop Desk

A Plus Warehouse proudly presents the next best thing. We are eager to show our new Mobile Shop Desk.This new product makes for an excellent purchase.SetSize200200 mobile shop desk It is fairly small, cheap, and it even comes in several colors so you can personalize it. Everyone loves this product because it has such a simple use. You can easily store object like tools in here to prevent future misplacement of your tools. What would this be if it did not come in pretty colors? It would be too boring; that is why we can provide you with 4 different colors to choose from. There is blue, green, grey, and orange. We want you to be happy with the look of your warehouse which is why we are providing you with beautiful colors.

This desk includes a superb 20" X 20" writing surface which is capped on 3 sides. We can sell this to your assembled so you can avoid the hassle or we can sell it unassembled if you want to save some money. We will do whatever is best for our customers. Not to mention, this desk can move easily because it is on swivel casters. Life in the office becomes much easier when you are able to move your materials easily.

Along with this new product we have the old stnad by. SetSize200200 2228The Two Drawer Mobile Shop Desk is really worth your money. It has the same basic use as our other piece of equipment. This desk also has 4 locking drawers; this is convenient because sometimes certain tools may only be allowed to be used by certain people, and a way to make sure this happens would be by locking them up. Also, 4 drawers is an outstanding amount of storage to have. The desk aspect has lots of space as well, which will be great for your work. This is also easily mobile because it has lovely 3 inch rolling swivel casters.

A third awesome 2229shop desk would be our Open Base Mobile Shop Desk. This desk is different from all the other because, the top desk is sloped but, it has a front lip to secure your object from continuing to fall down the slant. This makes handling paper work much easier. Also, this object features sliding drawers, which is always a plus to most products. All three pieces of equipment are very durable, and you cannot go wrong with any one of them. 

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