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Production Table

October 19, 2017  |  Comments

      It is time that we talk about one of our incredibly popular products- the Production Table.  Our tables give the customer the power. A Plus Warehouse is all about giving customers choices, therefore we also offer this product with hardboard or plastic laminate tops. Our production table expands out infinitely.  We challenge you to build an 1,000 Foot Table! ( Just Order 248 Adders and a 8’ Starter) When building your product, simply start with one of our 8 or 10 foot starts and than pick the number of add on you need for the table. The Add On’s are all 4 feet. For example, if you want  a 14 foot table, you purchase one 10 foot starter and one adder.production table

      These Production tables fit many applications such as a cutting table. This product is meant to be used for industrial purposes. It can also be used by assembly line workers. Best thing about this product is that the tops are seamless. The attractiveness and functionality of your products matters at A Plus Warehouse.  Many of our customers enjoy that our tables adjust in height from 33-37”. This gives you even more options.

                We hope that while you are looking at our production tables, you check out other top selling industrial work benches. We feature a very large variety of industrial workbenches featuring uniquely named products such as the Edison and Washington benches. Our big blue lines has also always been a more popular line. A Plus Warehouse offers customers not only big blue work benches, but also big blue cabinets and shelving. The line is named big blue for its unique coloring.

                Why order from A Plus Warehouse? Our biggest selling point is our speed. We are very quick and accurate when placing and fulfilling your order. We want to make sure the customer has the smoothest experience possible. Order Now!


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