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Rack Bins | The Super Large Bins You Need

July 22, 2016  |  Comments

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Rack Bins

Are you looking for super large bins? Do you want an organized office like us at A Plus Warehouse? Do you need a place to store large bulky items? Well, you have come to the right site. We are about to reveal our awesome rack bins. They are so amazing because, they don’t have a set use. You get to decide how you use your bin at a Plus Warehouse. Not only do we have the bins for organizational purposes, but we also have racks in order to take up less space. The less space taken up, the more efficient one’s work will be. We are all about efficiency which is why we sell this.

Our SetSize200200 wsRack Bin System is perfect for your warehouse needs. This is designed to specifically fit pallet racks, or other deep racks. This material is even water proof. You won’t have to worry about water ruining it or corrosion. Forward shifting is prevented and stability is assured with a wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock. When buying this you will have the option between grey, the typical classic one, or blue the new funky one. When you buy this you should also consider buying a dolly too. The dolly will make moving this item much easier. It will become easier to handle.

Mobile Plastic Bin Rack

Another SetSize200200 2337similar contraption would be the Mobile Plastic Bin Rack. This device is pretty simple overall, there is not much confusion when using the object. All you do is buy the stand which comes with the bins, and then casters if you want it to have quick and easy transportation. This is a nice set of bins for a cheap price. A Plus Warehouse is your go to for bins because we have a grand variety.

A Plus Warehouse is your Right Choice Right Now!!


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