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Roller Conveyors | Learn All About Them

June 3, 2015  |  Comments

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                A Plus Warehouse is pleased to offer customers a large amount of variety in their products.  We are especially proud of our Roller Conveyor line. These products can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of customer needs. They are essential for most warehouse facilities. When ordering from A Plus Warehouse, customers know that they will always being getting high quality products at a fair price. All of our products are made by well-known and trusted manufacturers such as Roach Conveyor and Roll-A-Way.


Mini Roller Conveyor

A Plus Warehouse offers many interesting Roller Conveyors. One of these products is the

Mini Roller Conveyor. It is the perfect light duty roller conveyor. This Product is a company favorite. It has a roller diameter of .75 inches, which is the smallest standard roller diameter in the country. Optional Conveyor stands are also available with this product. The conveyor itself is available in Aluminum or Steel.     

Medium Duty Roller Conveyor 

If a customer is looking for a conveyor with a bit more capacity, than the


Medium Duty Roller Conveyor is a good choice. This Conveyor has a 250 # capacity per roller and a 3200 # capacity on the 5 ft support center.


Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors

Some customers need an even more heavy duty conveyor. These customers do not need to worry because A Plus Warehouse also offers heavy duty conveyors. Our

Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors is equipped with 3 ½” rollers and 1100 pound capacity per roller. The frame itself has a 18000 # Capacity for a 10 foot section floor mounted. The product is also available with 1200 # and 6000 # capacity conveyor stands. This Conveyor is monstrous and customers love it!

                Order your light, medium, and heavy duty roller conveyors from A Plus Warehouse today. You will not be disappointed.


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