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Should You Buy Roof Access Ladders With or Without Safety Cages?

March 28, 2016  |  Comments

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Which Roof Access Ladders Work For You

Roof access ladders are often the easiest way to access the roof or top floors of most facilities. But are they the safest way to get up there? When do you need the safety cage option that often comes with roof access ladders?

Proper ladder safety depends on several factors. We at A Plus Warehouse will explore this important topic to find you the right product for your safety needs.

Fixed Walk Through Access Ladders with and without cage

When Your Roof Access Ladder Needs a Safety Cage

A safety cage adds excellent fall protection for a roof access ladder. After all, you are climbing pretty high up, sometimes almost 30 feet in the air. But is a cage absolutely needed?

Not always. OSHA standards state that if your fixed ladder is 20 feet or taller, a safety cage is required. Workers who are climbing to the top of a building will have added safety in case the worst should happen.

But what about ladders that don’t need a safety cage? What about the safety of those workers?

Many fixed roof access ladders are built with sturdy, all-welded construction. They also feature your choice of serrated or round rungs that add stability. You can even find fixed walk through access ladders, which have extended hand rails for easily entering and exiting the ladder. These offer workers a way to ascend and descend with ease, offering safety in lieu of a cage.

Note: A cage is important to add for safety reasons. But by having one for a 20’ tall ladder, you’ll also avoid OSHA fines when the inspectors come knocking. So really, there’s no excuse for choosing a fixed roof access ladder with a cage if it’s required.

Practice Safety on Any Ladder

Regardless of whether a roof access ladder has a cage or not, you should always perform safe working practices. Even though a safety cage is not required for fixed ladders under 20 feet, a fall can still be dangerous. You need to keep a steady pace and not rush your way up the ladder. So even if your ladder doesn’t require a cage, you may still want one to avoid injuries.

Now that you know what you require, it’s time to make an informed purchase. Simply find out how tall your ladder should be and then choose the right fixed roof access ladder with or without a cage. You’ll be safer for it.

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