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Safety Cabinets | How To Choose

January 17, 2013  |  Comments


Safety CabinetsHow should a customer order safety cabinets?  This is the question that I'll answer in this blog post.  First of all , what exactly is a safety cabinet as opposed to a storage cabinet ?

Simply put , a safety cabinet is a specific type of storage cabinet.  Storage cabinets are used to store items ( obviously ).  A safety cabinet is usually a flammable liquids cabinet , storing flammable or other hazardous chemicals.

Most all of the safety cabinets we sell meet OSHA, NIOSH and are FM approved.  The cabinet on the right is a self closing FM approved safety cabinet.  Safety cabinets are color colded so fire people understand what is happening within a fire.  Red is typically for paints while blue is for acids and green is for pesticides.  Flammable liquids cabinets all have specialty double wall doors with air insulation.

Customers need to choose between manual and self closing doors.  We always suggest self closing doors.  Self closing is a small upcharge , but can be a life saving feature.  If a fire starts in a cabinet when no workers are present , a manually closing safety would not contain the fire.  A self closing safety cabinet would close and perhaps extinguish the fire.

A Plus Warehouse distributes quality safety cabinets by Justritr , Securall, Jamco and Stronghold as well.  Feel free to call 800-209-8798 with any questions.

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