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How to Save Space (and Dollars) with an Economy Stacking Bin Setup

April 8, 2016  |  Comments



Economy Stacking Bin Setup For Work

Everyone wants an easier way to stay organized, and an economy stacking bin setup is the way to do it. From mechanic shops to manufacturing plants, economy stacking bins can help organize even the most chaotic workplaces.

Ordering economy stacking bin products ship free from A Plus Warehouse when you order over three cases, and they come in some excellent color choices. But the bins themselves won’t offer you the order you seek. You have to know the most ideal way to set them up, a way that will save you space and money at the same time. Here are our suggestions.

economy stacking bins in variety of colors

Stack and Save

The best feature about economy stacking bins is right in their name—they stack. They are designed to hook on louvered panels to create rows of small parts storage. These are perfect for saving space, and they’re kept at a low price point to make sure you can buy as many bins as you need.

Move as Needed

Maybe your needs for plastic bins goes beyond just saving a little space. Maybe saving space means being able to move your bins at will. Well, you’re in luck—economy stacking bins are also available with casters.

Three sizes of stacking bins are available with casters, so you can move them more efficiently. This makes a lot of sense, since larger bins tend to be difficult to move without help.

Divide and Conquer

You can order economy stacking bins with dividers, so you can organize down to the very last bit. What good is a bin full of screws or bolts if all different sizes are thrown in there together? Dividers are available for every size bin we offer, offering efficient small parts storage for you.

More Room with a View

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what do they say about the windows that come with stackable bins? Well, nothing that profound, but windows are extremely useful. With windows added to your bins, you can save time by knowing exactly what’s inside your bins without actually having to pull them out. Now that’s smart thinking!

Why Choose Economy Stacking Bins Over Other Bins

How does the economy stacking bin “stack up” to the competition? Well, with so many features to choose from you can definitely save a bundle. And not just money—but space and time too!

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. Now that you know how to best set up your economy stacking bins, we hope you’ll take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING available from A Plus Warehouse to get the bins you need!

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