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Skinny Racks on Skinny Friday

October 27, 2017  |  Comments

                A Plus Warehouse has its own company wide holiday- and that is called Skinny Friday!  And no, this isn’t a holiday about the office staff trying to lose a few pounds. This holiday is celebrating one of the most popular products here at A Plus Warehouse-Skinny Racks!

                Customers LOVE our skinny racks. Many deals stock 48 and 42 Inch Deep Rack, but many times customers simply don’t need all that extra space! Enter our skinny racks. We sell our racks as small as 24 inches deep. Customers find that our skinny pallet rack page is very easy to navigate. You have everything you would want for your rack on one convenient page. We offers skinny uprights and beams as well as galvanized wire decks. Our beam sizes range from 48 X 3.5” to 144 X 6” with our uprights ranging from 24 X 96 to 36 X 192.  Wire decking ranges from 24 X 46 to 36 X 58.

skinny rack

                Skinny Rack Uprights comes in Vista Green and Beams comes in safety orange. We find that this color combination goes very well together. Wire Decks put a finishing touch on the unit. This galvanization prevents rusting. After all, you want your racks in the best shape.

                Remember that A Plus Warehouse sells much more than skinny racks. If you are looking for more traditional rack sizes check out our Tear Drop Pallet Racks. These racks go deeper than our skinny racks. This product also offers you a variety of options including post protectors, wire decking, and crossbars.

                                When ordering skinny racks at A Plus Warehouse mention Skinny Friday and you will get 5 % off on your order! What are you waiting for? Order today. Call us at 800-209-8798 and one of our sales  people will be glad to help you with your racking needs!

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