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Stainless Steel Ladders now available

July 11, 2016  |  Comments

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Stainless Steel Ladders

Our warehouse has quite a variety of Stainless Steel Ladders to choose from. The excellent thing about this property is that it never rusts. A rusting ladder is never a good ladder; so buy yourself a Stainless Steel Ladder, and avoid the rust. This Stainless Steel property is also perfect when involving food or pharmaceutical applications. Also compared to others styles, Stainless Steel is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless Steel wont absorb dirt like others, it will resist smudgesSetSize200200 ssfs unlike any other product style. These ladders have a long life span due to its non-rusting property. Stainless Steel resists bacteria more so than other plastics or woods.

Our Stainless Steel Fold371 N Store Rolling Ladder is perfect and easily mobile. One could use this Stainless Steel Folding Ladder in a warehouse, or any manufacturing plant, especially a food plant. Use this ladder in any place you want to keep free from rust. This item will help you to reach shelves that are set up high. This ladder can be folded simply for transportation or storage. These ladders can also pass through doors because of the tilt and roll mobility. This ladder is also excellent for wash-down areas. The ladder will roll on ten inch casters. This ladder can support a massive 350 pounds!

An outstanding product to go along with your Stainless Steel Ladder would be the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Shelf Truck. This High Quality Stainless Steel Shelf Cart is ideal for heavy duty stainless steel cart applications. You can buy several different Stainless Steel Shelf Trucks; each has a different unique quality. Some are made specially for smooth and quiet performance. Others contain storage space like drawers.

Overall, our Stainless Steel Shelf Trucks are the ideal equipment for food service applications. They are also beneficial for when consumers are in contact with a product. This Stainless Steel aspect gives the shelf a bright and finishing look, unlike most other non Stainless Steel shelf Trucks. Our capacity for Stainless Steel shelves can range to about a jumbo one thousand pounds per shelf.

A Plus Warehouse is here now for you!!

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