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Steel Appliance Dollie | With Popout Wheels In Stock

July 3, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is now selling the Wesco Steel Vending Machine Truck with popout wheels. The hand truck has a belt which can be easily tightened to hold an object in place so it does not fall off. The extra set of wheels on the appliance truck may be more pricey; however, it ensures safety for the workers. The price of this deluxe machine is much less than the price of a worker being hurt due to a regular machine truck. Also, this product makes moving object more easy and efficient. Along with the extra set of wheels, the truck wheels can lock. this is useful because then you can be certain the object on the machine will shift. 

For those customers with a bigger budget A Plus Warehouse also sells a computer controlled power stair climbing appliance truck.
vending machine truck

Check out the amazing video of our steel vending machine truck in use.

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