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Ten Tier Lockers | Now Available

June 21, 2018  |  Comments

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Have you ever heard of a ten tier locker? Do you know where you could even buy one of them? Well here at A Plus Warehouse we provide you with those unique items you cannot get anywhere else. This ten tier locker is very efficient because not only is it compact so it saves space, but also many people can use it at once. We have at most a three wide version, so you can get as many as 30 different individual sections. This product is great for storing your smaller items such as keys, a wallet, cell phones, and many more items. These lockers are all steel construction, so we know they are built to last a while. Something that gives this product another unique quality is that it can come in different colors. Not to mention it is also a free shipping item! Customers love our free shipping items, so we make as many items free shipping as we can.

ten tier loocker

When you work with the A Plus Warehouse team you are sure to get A Plus service. We want the best for our customers, and we will do what we can to make sure that happens. The products we sell are high quality because they come from the best vendors. When choosing our vendors, we do not want any ordinary vendor, we want ones that have great qualifications. Our vendors have been doing business for a while, have excellent product, and are very responsive. With vendors like these we know we are supplying our own customers with the best. You can trust us with your warehouse equipment and supplies needs. Just give us a call and our sales reps will be ready to help you with any inquiry you may have.

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