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The Best Meat Grinders for Industrial Kitchens

February 26, 2019  |  Comments

Did you know that A Plus Warehouse sells Meat Grinders? Do no miss your chance to stock up your industrial kitchen with the best food service equipment including bread slicers, mixers, fly traps, and of course meat grinders. If your kitchen works with a lot of meats, a meat grinder is a must have.  Learn about some of these meat grinders at A Plus Warehouse.


                Our meat grinders come in three sizes: standard, deluxe, and grand. They are all made with stainless steel and easy to maintain. Our standard meat grinder is in #12 cutting group and grinds 8-12 pounds per minute. The deluxe meat grinder also features stainless steel head, worm, and knife. It also comes with a sausage stuffing attachment.  Customers can choose to have this deluxe meat grinder in cutting group # 12 o #22. The #22 cutting group deluxe meat grinder can grinder 14-20 pounds per minute. If you are looking for the best meat grinder, look no further than the grand meat grinder. This grinder has a capacity of 50 pounds per minute and I in cutting group #32. Customers can choose between a 3 or 5 HP motor.


                Order your meat grinder today at A Plus Warehouse. They are a must have for any industrial kitchen. A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer a large variety of food service equipment products. Let out sales staff help you to find the perfect product to fit your needs!


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