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The Best Packaging Supplies | A Plus Warehouse

March 15, 2018  |  Comments

Did you know that A Plus Warehouse sells packaging supplies? Have you ever shipped something? If so packaging supplies was probably part of your equation. Our packaging supplies include packing tape, shipping boxes, strapping machines, stretch wrap, packaging equipment, and shipping bags. Each of these lines serves a different function. Shipping boxes and bags are used to store items for shipment.  Packing tape and stretch wrap secure items for shipment.  Strapping Machines and packaging equipment offer a more efficient way to store and secure large amount of product.

    Technology does make many areas of our life much easier. Packaging is one of these areas. Our packaging equipment greatly increases worker productivity. One of our more interesting products is the Deluxe Steam Shrink Tunnels. This product also includes a variable speed conveyor and steam generator. Best of all, it’s in stock! The purpose of this item is to shrink full body shrink bands on most any container type and can use any shrink film material. This machine can band more containers than any human can. It can ban approximately 25 bottles a minute.   If you are looking for something a bit less deluxe but still uses modern technology for assistance, check out our gummed tape dispensers.

steam shrink tunnels

    Using a gummed taped dispenser is the best way to secure your items. Gummed tape is much stronger than any standard tape. Our manual gummed tape dispenser dispenses up to 30 inches in a single pull! Choose between 2 level brush moistening system or 3 level brush moistening system with top heater! The dispenser also has some extra room at the top for carton knives and hand stamps.  

    A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now! We have all sorts of packaging supplies. Just give us a ring and we will help you find the perfect shipping supplies.

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