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The top ten roller conveyors

June 13, 2013  |  Comments


1-Mini Roller Conveyor

This fun Conveyor is always in stock at A Plus Warehouse! They have a roller diameter of .75 inches which is the smallest standard roller manufacrued in the country!

2- Extra Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

This number has a capacity of 700 pounds per roller. This is equal to 8,000 pounds supported by the 5 foot center! With this product we suggest the 300 pound capacity conveyor supports.

3- Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

If you thought number 2 was heavy you havnt seen anything yet. This has a whopping capacity of 1,100 pounds per roller! That is equal to 18,000 pounds for a 10 foot section which is suppored by three supports.

4- Medium Duty Accordion Style Expanable Roller ConveyorsExpandable Conveyors

This one looks nice thats for sure. This conveyor is shown on the picture to the right. The capacity is 200 pounds per foot. It also includes a box stop so boxes don't fall off!

5- Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor

Ideal for food equipment and other wash-down operations!  And to be safe this is U.S.D.A approved!


6- Light Duty Roller Conveyors

This is your ideal conveyor for irregularly shaped or open bottom items. Rollers have 1 3/8 inch diameter. It is also long lasting!


7-Maximum Capacity  Roller Conveyor

This is EXTREMELY heavy duty with a capacity of 2,500 pounds PER ROLLER!! Frame capacity is 16,00o pounds at a 5 foot center support.

8-1.9 inch Diameter PVC Roller Conveyors

this is great for handling glass with non marring rollers. It has a 100 pound roller capacity which is 2,000 pounds over 5 foot support. It is available from 3 inch to 12 inch roller center.

9-Extra Heavy Duty Expanable Conveyor

This is another nice looking conveyor! The capacity is 300 pounds per foot of conveyor.


10-Medium Duty Roller Conveyor

A 3,200pound cap on a 5 foot center! Nothing wrong with that. Conveyor stands are also optional on this.

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