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The Ultimate Bulk Rack | Great Storage System

June 25, 2018  |  Comments


Bulk racks are a necessity in every warehouse, office, or industry. There is always a need for storage and finding storage for those bulkier items can be hard. Because of this common situation, A Plus Warehouse provides you with The Ultimate Bulk Rack. This item is made to store your larger items. It has roomy shelving with high clearance for those tall and large items. If you have a large item to store this is the sort of rack you need. You may not always have large items to store, but there will be those few times you do. When you buy this you will be ready to store any item you may have in your work place.

the ultimate bulk rack

This shelving system is 14 GA steel top beam and has angle supports with 10 GA brackets. There are 3 shelf levels per unit which is adjustable on 3 inch centers. For decking you can get standard decking, particle board, wire, or steel shelf decking. There are also many sizes you can select. We have variation in order to provide our customers with exactly what they want.

A Plus Warehouse is your number one choice for warehouse equipment, material handling, and many other supplies. We get our product from only the best vendors, so we can provide our customers with high quality items. Our company has been in business for over 20 years and with each year we grow, improve, and learn even more. The A Plus Warehouse team consists of a group of well trained, hardworking, and loyal people. Our sales reps have been with us for years now, so they have seen most, if not all, situations and inquiries a customer may have. We are always ready to help our customers here at A Plus Warehouse.

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