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The Walking Dead Need Lockers - Find Out Why

October 29, 2012  |  Comments


Don't you wish dead people would just stay in the ground already? Jeez, they wake up hungry and don't seem to want McDonalds. What is wrong with the dead now?Walking Dead Lockers

As you can see , Rick is having a good old time with a more domesticated walker , but he really needs to consider what type of lockers the living may need to defend themselves from the very hungry dead.

Shaine is a tough hombre , so he chooses the KingCab 12 gauge heavy duty locker . This unit can hold thousands of rounds of ammo EASILY with shelf capacity over 750 pounds!

Dale is more of a tools and parts guy , so he'd probably choose a giant bin cabinet - with plenty of individual storage places. Rick would choose the Valumaster Lockers mostlt because Valumaster is the safe choice ( although he is getting riskier..)

Lori - well , she likes the Kingcab while with the Kingcab , but is quite fond of the Valumaster when with the Valumaster.  These lockers have always been friends , so I hope the triangle works itself out well.

This blog post obviously is a tribute to The Walking Dead , one of the best shows this humble blogmaster has ever seen on television. ( Right up there with Jericho , Dead Like Me , and Eureka )

Watch The Walking Dead , and order lockers from A Plus Warehouse

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