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Warehouse Equipment from A Plus Warehouse Provides Low-Cost High-Efficiency for New Year

November 28, 2011  |  Comments

The year is winding down, and A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of lockers and materials handling equipment, has all the warehouse equipment you need to get your warehouse, plant, or building in tip-top shape for 2012.

"New Year's resolutions are old news," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Why not organize your warehouse now and start the new year with a highly-efficient workplace that will increase employee productivity and lower costs over time? Our warehouse equipment will get your facility organized and running at optimal performance before your competitors even start thinking about their goals for 2012."

Some of the many high-quality warehouse organization and management products A Plus Warehouse offers include, aisle marking tape, floor tape applicators, attention-getting printed messages and magnetic write-on tags, magnetic sweepers and rakes, shop desks, safety warning lights, carpet poles, guard rails, and more.

The magnetic sweepers and magnetic rakes on wheels from A Plus Warehouse are designed specifically to remove hazardous metal debris quickly and easily from common areas, dramatically reducing equipment damage and flat tires. They also carry time-saving manual sweepers for removing non-metallic debris.

Aisle marking tape, floor tape applicators, warehouse aisle sign kits, magnetic write on tags, and attention-getting printed messages are all available for indicating aisles, machinery, doors, or stairs and preventing employee accidents and injury. A Plus Warehouse also has safety warning lights, guard rails, and steel safety bollards for protecting your actual building from run-ins with industrial equipment.

A Plus Warehouse also carries a wide variety of materials handling equipment, including hand trucks, self-dumping hoppers, fans, ladders, drums and drum equipment, matting, lift trucks and tables, spill containment supplies, utility carts, shipping equipment and supplies, vacuums, and more.

"Pretty much anything you need in regards to materials handling or warehouse equipment, we have it at A Plus Warehouse," said Stairman. "Many other dealers might sell warehouse equipment, but Warehouse Equipment is part of our name. Clearly, A Plus Warehouse Equipment & Supply has knowledge of warehouse equipment that others may not."

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