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We are living in a Material Handling World and I am a Material Handling Dude

August 26, 2015  |  Comments

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In the midst of an amazing summer vacation , I have come to realize that Madonna is correct when she said "We are living in a material handling world and I am a material handling girl".  Was that not what she said?monster ladder ballymore

The equipment A Plus Warehouse sells is everywhere! I took the family to see Kinky Boots [a Broadway play well worth seeing if you liked musicals the likes of La Cage au Folles or Birdcage] and what was highlighted throughout the play? A big rolling ladder and a mezzanine! They also had multi-shelf carts flying all about a warehouse and a nice roller bed conveyor.

While dancing on a powered conveyor makes for great entertainment, A Plus Warehouse equipment is NNNNNot theatrical equipment.  Dancing or other activities on conveyors we sell is strictly forbidden. They are awesome for moving boxes of supplies and equipment!

Look anywhere and you will see materials handling products -- when your company need to order them - A Plus Warehouse is always your right choice!

Enjoy the summer , and also enjoy our work bench video 

This one was a real bear to put together, so please view it and throw us a bone and order some work benches [models do not work for free].

Work Benches at

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