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What is a Baler

December 27, 2018  |  Comments

What is a baler? A baler is a waste handling product that presses down your cardboard and shrink wrap. It keeps down on waste materials and keeps your property looking nice and clean.  Balers save our customers space and money and are simple and safe to operate.  A Plus Warehouse sells a baler that has a low noise level of 64-68 DB and a press force of up to 66,200 pounds. The strap rolls are also easy to replace.

                Every industry can benefit from our range of waste handling products. We sell trash cans, and Aerosolv Aerosal Can Disposal System, Drum Tops, and more. When ordering a waste handling product from us, you know that is it safe and will protect from germs. We all have waste, and we all need a way for it to be handled!

A Plus Warehouse offers our customers three different types of balers with different press forces. Our BALER-L has a press force of 6,600 pounds, BALER-M has a press force of 11,000 pounds, and the BALER-H has a press force of 66,200 pounds. They also go up in size with our BALER-L having dimensions of 33.26” X 29.33” X 77.36” and or BALER-H having dimensions of 80” X 43” X 129/93”. The cycle time for all three balers are between 39 and 45 seconds.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. We have been in business for over two decades and  know how to  direct customers into finding the perfect product that fits their needs. Our sales staff is always eager to help customers. We are a big enough company to fill  your order, but small enough to realize that every order matters.



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