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What is a Hand truck?

June 12, 2017  |  Comments

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What is a Hand truck?

What is it, how is it used, and why do people use it, are three question people ask themselves about hand trucks. Here, at A Plus Warehouse we want to explain to you all about hand trucks and why they are so important. People use hand trucks to transport material, whether it is as small as one box full of stationary or several boxes full of machinery. Our hand trucks have wheels at the base and grips at the handles for easy transportation. A person may only be able to move a few boxes whereas a hand truck can transport several. This piece of machinery can save time when moving; a task that takes an individual multiple times may take someone with a hand truck fewer times. When less times is spent doing manual labor of moving objects, more time can be done working on other more beneficial tasks. 

What is the difference? They are all just hand trucks...

powered stair climbing hand truck

Each hand truck has a different capacity, size, material, and way to hold objects. One of our most popular hand trucks is the Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck. This product is different from the others because of its ability to climb stairs. Not all working areas are one floored, but all working areas do need to transport objects. The stair climbing hand trucks makes moving heavy objects from floor to floor much easier. Going up stairs is just as simple as going down stairs; this is designed with operator safety being the main task.

Another common question is: what about the load sizes? In fact, here at A Plus Warehouse, we have conveyors that can hold different sized loads. The Dual Purpose Hand Truck is another common warehouse equipment our customers love. It works as a typical hand truck but it can convert to a platform position to handle an over sized load.

Now that you’ve learned about hand trucks why not order one from!

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