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What is an Access Ladder?

June 19, 2017  |  Comments

Access Ladders? Cages?

An access ladder is a very large ladder that can get a human to an unreachable area. All of our fixed access ladders here at A Plus Warehouse are built extra sturdy to protect operators from danger. What better way to fix a roof than climbing up an access ladders. At an extreme height, situations are oftentimes life or death. A Plus Warehouse has extremely safe walk through ladders you will never have to worry about. There isn’t a safer way to access a roof.  We have ladders for every need here. We have the non-corrosive aluminum access ladder, which is perfect for the ladders that remain outside. Our ladders can range from any height whether it is 2 steps or even 30 steps.

Another sort of ladder we have are the rolling ones. These are for the jobs that involve a shorter height. You can roll your ladder to wherever you need it to be. Most wheels have brakes so once it is moved to position you won’t have to worry about it shifting.

What is the cage?

Some people may ask what is this cage and how does it help me? The cage is a safety precaution in the ladder. It can catch you when you fall and gives you more support. Our Access Ladder Cages also come with a locking mechanism. This will lock the pathway up the ladder for those who try to climb it. This will keep the operator on the ladder safe, along with anyone else who stumbles upon the ladder in hopes of climbing it.


For more information about our wide variety of access ladders be sure to check out ou website Give us a call at 800-209-8798 or email us at [email protected]

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