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What's Die Rack?

July 12, 2019  |  Comments

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A die rack is a type of rack designed to hold very heavy metals such as dies. These racks specifically are called die racks because die weights are significantly more massive than other materials, so a shelving unit was created to hold massive capacity. Many companies work with dies and other large heavy items and there is always a need to store items and create space. It is hard to store an item this large in any ordinary shelving, and because of this die racks have special die shelving. With racks built for ultimate support, dies can be stored safely and comfortably. Given the size, weight, and inability to stack it makes sense for these products to have their own racks to stay on.

When looking for the right rack to hold the dies you want to find a rack with the strength, capacity, and flexibility to store dies in a convenient and efficient way. Aside from this specialized rack for storing dies, it is also great for motors, jigs, and other heavy metals and materials. The way the shelves are designed creates for easy access to material. The dies can easily slide on and off the rack for accessibility and storage. A standard heavy duty die rack from A Plus Warehouse has a capacity around 11,000 pounds and shelves with a metal gauge of 16 and 14 for the supports. With many different size options, you can hold die racks of all different sizes. Choose as large of a rack you need or as small and spacious as you need.

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When people hear die racks other products that come to mind may be pallet racks, cantilever racks, lumber racks, pigeonhole bar racks, and reel racks. They are all similar in the sense that they hold products in one system, but they serve different applications and different items. Most of these types of racks work as they sound; a pallet racks holds pallets and regular shaped items, cantilever and bar racks can hold similar thing such as flat ladders, a pigeon hole rack holds items that are longer and bulky like a metal rod, and lastly reel racks can hold wire coils.

To find all the rack variety A Plus Warehouse can provide click on the link below.

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