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Why Get A Metal Storage Cabinet

January 4, 2013  |  Comments


 There are many reasons to order a metal storage cabinet at A Plus

Warehouse , and I'd like to review some of them in this blog post.  I will also describe some of the more popular storage cabinets at A Plus Warehouse as well.

Metal Storage Cabinet

Let's start off with the metal storage cabinet shown on the right.  The BigBlue Extra Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet . This amazing new cabinet is based on the ever popular BigBlue line (the line made popular not only by it's great workmanship , but also the two tone color scheme) but is constructed of 12 Gauge steel.  Customers that want to store literally one ton per shelf can do so using a BigBlue HD storage cabinet. 

The image below the HD version is the traditional two tone BigBlue storage cabinet.  This family of American made product has been very popular with our customers over the years!

When looking for a metal storage cabinet , customers should consider the followingissues..

  • Capacity
  • Assembled of KD
  • Configuration
  • Color Options
In terms of capacity , the 12 Gauge storage cabinets have the maximum rating.  Capacity declines with increasing gauge , so a 22 gauge storage cabinet will have quite a bit less capacity than a 14 Gauge BigBlue storage cabinet.  
Tennsco, Penco, Hallowell, and Lyons all offer KD ( unassembled) storage cabinets as well as set up cabinets.  If you request a quotation from your A Plus Warehouse sales person , you can easily compare total cost of KD versus assembled. KD can be less expensive - but assembly does take some labor.
Here is a list of popular configurations..
  • Storage - Full Width Shelves
  • Wardrobe - One shelf with a coat rod underneath
  • Combination - A combination of the two - half width shelves with one full width shelf and a hald width coat rod under the full width shelf
A Plus Warehouse sales people are metal storage cabinet geniuses , so please give them a call at 800-209-8798
In the mean time ..
Also , enjoy our metal storage cabinets video!
As always , feel free to share and comment on this post - and please , no nasty comments on our spokesmodel - come on , she is a mom!
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