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Why is Ladder Safety So Important?

July 9, 2019  |  Comments

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Ladders can be very dangerous if used irresponsibility; to prevent hazards and injuries we suggest taking many safety precautions when working with ladders. It is important to know the usage of a ladder; who is using it and with what application. Only one who is authorized and able should be climbing a ladder the right way. There are many different types of ladders, access ladders, folding ladders, rolling ladders and many more. If one is looking to do roof work, then they should use the right ladder for the job. In this case an access ladder, more specifically roof access ladder, is the type they need. If you use the right ladder for the right job, then that is the first step to ladder safety.

Though you can strive for safe application use by picking the right tool for the right job, when it comes to ladders, they are already automatically dangerous. Just because you are working with equipment the right way that does not mean it will be perfectly safe. This is where other warehouse equipment distributors like ours come in handy. We sell you ladder safety equipment such has guards, cages, and locks. A cage is great for the very tall 90 degree climbing ladders, because it provides a catching system incase you fall backwards while climbing. A guard will prevent others from coming onto the ladder while it is in use to avoid any mistakes or unauthorized people from climbing on. A lock stops people from getting to the ladder who should not be. The sort of mistakes that may result in fatality are not necessarily the individual user’s mistakes. It can be caused by other people, and because of this our safety gear not only protects the user on the ladder but it keeps other from climbing up to them and distracting them.


5 Ladder Safety Tips

Check the ladder is in good condition: There should be no rust and no corrosion. Are there grips on the bottom so the ladder doesn’t slip away? Are there any loose screws that could fall out?

The right people: make sure the right people are the ones climbing, don’t have any ordinary person climbing a ladder. Even though there may be a ladder guard there should still be people at the bottom watching the ladder and keeping an eye out for unauthorized users.

3 point contact: while climbing always keep both feet and a hand or both hands and a foot on the ladder. Move one limb at a time, and keep the rest gripped onto the ladder.

Ladder location: set your ladder in a safe place. Make sure the floor it’s grounded on is firm and leveled. Avoiding having it near a highly traveled area or throughway such as an exit door.

Balance: Don’t do actions that will throw off your balance such as far reaches. Do not carry an item that will cause you to lose balance.

Ladder safety is extremely important and at A Plus Warehouse we want our customers to be safe in their work environment. View our wide range of safe ladder on its landing page on our website.


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