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Why Order a Forklift Attachment

June 28, 2019  |  Comments


A forklift is a vehicle with a pronged attachment in the front used for lifting and carrying heavy object. The forklift itself is heavy machinery that people operate from the inside and the attachment is what can go on the end. A Plus Warehouse sells the attachments for your forklifts. Not all attachments are the same; some are standard fork prongs whereas other may have a different shape and a more specialized application. All attachments are heavy duty and can carry heavy loads, but the types of loads will differ amongst the end piece. It is good to know which end piece you need, because the right one will add efficiency whereas the wrong one could create even more difficulty.

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Different Types of Forklift Attachments

Below are the five most common forklift attachments

Drum and Cylindrical Handler- Not all items may be a simple box sized item. A lot of times you may need to move cylindrical object such as drums. When you have this problem, you need to choose the right attachment. If you were to use a pallet fork for a cylindrical item, it may roll over or slide through, this is when you need the drum grabbing attachment.

Pallet Fork Extender- This allows great support for lifting larger and bulkier items. Not all items may fit on the same attachment, and sometimes you may need a longer one. In this case you would want extended fork attachments.

Work Platform- A work platform is supported on the forks of a forklift. The platforms are usually caged so it provides a level of safety for whoever is working on that platform. The platform is meant to raise and lower when there is a worker on it so they can do their job better. Not all tasks may be easy to reach, and for the ones that are not, a work platform will come in handy. There is also a smaller version of this commonly known as personnel platforms. It serves the same purpose but is made for one person.

Fork Mounted Rug Ram- These attachments are made to hold rolls, coils, and other similar shaped items. The sturdy pole is very durable can handle the heaviest of coils. Oftentimes they are rotatable, and at A Plus Warehouse they are. When holding a roll there is no better item that does the job quiet as well as this one.

Hoist Plate- You can also have hooks and hoists as a forklift attachment. This allows overhead lifting through chains or ropes. Some items must be lifted overhead and for the ones that do, none of the other forklift attachments make any sense.

If there is a need there is away. The need for different types of forklift attachments is extremely common because not everyone has the same needed application therefore, they would need different attachments. A Plus Warehouse has a range of all our different types of forklift attachments. Be sure to check them out.

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