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Cabinets Gives Customer Plenty of Storage Space



When you think of storage, think of cabinets! Storing tools and other work-related items is easy with our wide selection of industrial and warehouse cabinets. They offer you enhanced security, strong shelves, and plenty of room at prices you can afford!


The Convenience of Cabinets


A fully welded cabinet is the definition of convenience! When customers order all welded, they do not have any set up to worry about.  The product can be used as shipped. Most of our cabinets at A Plus Warehouse come with a fully assembled option, although we also do have knocked down available at a lower price point.


It’s easy to keep in stock cabinets that are unassembled. They take up less room when you are finding the right place to install them. You can assemble them at your leisure. Customers loving getting their high-quality products as soon as possible!


Store bins, flammable liquids, jackets, personal belongings, and so much more in A Plus Warehouse cabinets.  When something is out of sight, it is out of mind. This gives customers one less thing to worry about.


It would be a mistake to not mention combination cabinets when speaking about convenience. They are typically split into sections. One section is used for jackets, one section is used for hats, books, or other small items, and the final section is filled with half shelves to store different sort of materials. The organization of this product is phenomenal and great for user experience.


The mobile cabinet is another extremely convenient option. It is not stuck in one place! They can roll wherever you may want them.  Mobile cabinets are available with many different types of casters.


Peace of Mind with Cabinets


Yes, customers benefit from the convenience of our cabinets. At the same time, they want to know that they can leave their valuable behind without worry of theft. Many of our cabinets have lockable doors as well as lockable drawers. This provides double the security!


We have many different types of locks available to customers. A popular locking mechanism at A Plus Warehouse is the three-point locking mechanism with hasp. This is the trusted, old school, method of locking up a cabinet. Cabinets with these locks are not easy to break into!


For a newer style of lock, we recommend the keyless digital lock. This utilizes new school technology! With new technology comes new products in the industry!


When customers are looking to lock up flammables, it is important to do this with the proper safety cabinet.  Nobody would want to have property or even life loss due to unsafe conditions. Our flammable liquid storage cabinets are perfect for this application!


Our super safety cabinets feature a fail-safe closing mechanism and a reflective safety band. It is OSHA, NFPA, and FM compliant. Product is available with manual and self-closing doors. The product also comes with free shipping on orders above 5,000 dollars!


Plenty of Storage Space


If you need extra storage space for the home or office, there is no better way than purchasing a few A Plus Warehouse cabinets. We sell cabinets made to store most anything.


Our bin cabinets provide customers a way to get the most use out of their cabinets!  Our bins come from different suppliers including Akro Mils and Penco.  They tend to be popular with business, military and universities.


When our customers need a good amount of extra space, we recommend our Jumbo Storage Cabinet. This product provides 33 % more storage space than a standard 36” wide cabinet. The product is available in two different sizes, 48 X 18 X 78 inches and 48 X 24 X 78 inches. It is also available in a wide range of colors.





Stronghold Products are Perfect for Super Strength

There is no strong like Stronghold strong.  They are known for having tough and sturdy products of all kinds! They have been manufacturing high quality products for over 25 years. The average shelf capacity of a stronghold item is 1,900 pounds and the average drawer capacity is 400 pounds!


They are always innovating new design to fit the work place.  One of their newer products is the Control the Chaos Metal Cabinet. This product makes organization incredibly simple. It comes standard with 8 GA hinges, 7 GA legs, and 12 GA doors with 1" return Flange-210 Degree Range of Motion. Cabinets includes Exterior 3" X 4" interchangeable label, cast handle, magnetic white board, flush bottom, dividers, 3 point locking system, galvanized shelves,  and shelf labels.


Stainless Steel Products also have Super Strength

Industrial stainless steel cabinets are your solution to finding strong storage that endures. We apply the same strength of our 12-gauge hot-rolled steel and incorporate it into our stainless steel cabinets. Each stainless steel cabinet features a wrap-around design and adjustable shelves with an up-to-1900 pound capacity. The shelves adjust on 2-inch centers and have a 3-point locking system and 7-gauge welded legs. Believe it when we say these cabinets produce the strongest storage product available on the market today!

Stainless steel cabinets offer you storage that can last a lifetime. These cabinets are corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, and will not rust. They are perfect for withstanding everyday use in an industrial environment. These cabinet units are popular in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, textile, brewery, marine, and restaurant industries, among many others.

Nothing Compares to a Super Sleek Wooden Cabinet

Looking to impress? A wooden product from A Plus Warehouse should do the trick! This material is more expensive than other materials, but well worth the price. They are often seen at country clubs and universities.

Wood comes in many different colors including maple, pine, oak, cherry, birch, mahogany, and walnut to name a few. Many of our products have two different tones of wood.


Diversified Woodworks has you Covered


Diversified woodcrafts is a premier manufacturer of fine wooden products for over 40 years. Diversified products are commonly found in schools. Their products are manufactured in Wisconsin. All products are made in the U.S.A.


Diversified product lines include benches, desks,  and storage options.  Their products are very well made and most are quick to ship and incredibly easy to assemble.


Your Right Source, Right Now!


A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for anything cabinet related! We have been selling products for over 20 years, and guarantee you will have a great experience working with us!

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