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Heavy Duty Bin Cabinets Video

If you want to learn about A Plus Warehouse bin cabinets, you have come to the right place. A Plus Warehouse makes ordering bin cabinets very easy. You just tell us what you want and we are likely to configure the perfect model to meet your needs. The video above speaks about our extra heavy duty bin cabinet.  Please enjoy the video! The text below is the transcript to this video.

Form meets function with this extra heavy duty cabinet with fourteen gauge construction and ample capacity. All of our bin cabinets are welded. So just hook on the bins and you’re ready to go. Bin cabinets are available in multiple configurations. This 171 bin 48 X 24 X 78 cabinet is only $1,389. We will ship it today in quantity for only 1,100 dollars. Notice our deluxe 3 point locking mechanism. Call us now and order at 800-209-8798. A Plus Warehouse bin cabinets are in stock nationwide for immediate delivery. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now.                     

Order your bin cabinets from your friends at A Plus Warehouse today.  The video talks particularly about the 171 bin 48 X 28 X 78 cabinet, however we offer other types of bin cabinets as well. One of our more popular lines of bin cabinets is the Big Blue line. Big Blue bin cabinets come standard with blue cabinets and red bins, however a large variety of other colors are available for both b cabinet and bin color including white, dark blue, orange, putty, dark green, black, red, light blue, beige, yellow, vista green, dark brown, and grey. The larger variety of colors is one of the several reasons that our big blue line is so popular. Big Blue is also popular because of its heavy duty construction. Customers love Big Blue bin cabinets and so will you. Order a bin cabinet from A Plus Warehouse today.

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