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Cylinder Cabinets

We sell cylinder cabinets in metal as well as aluminum. A nice feature of our aluminum cylinder cabinets is that they won't corrode outdoors. You have seen steel units at any gas station all rusted and gross looking, no such trouble with aluminum- it is also less expensive to ship as it is lighter. Cylinder cabinets are provided unassembled for freight savings or fully assembled for convenience. The choice is yours as we sell them both ways. If your company uses  propane, you really should consider our cylinder cabinets- they add efficiency saving money. We also provide units for vertical or horizontal storage.

Cylinder cabinets are essential for safety at your plant. Cylinder storage cabinets allow you to secure cylinders full of gasses safely. When gas cylinders are left unsecured there is always a chance for trouble to develop. Using gas cylinder cabinets not only makes your factory safer, but it also allows you to be in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Of course you can count on A Plus Warehouse for many of the associated handling equipment you need on a daily basis. Companies using cylinder cabinets clearly use gas cylinders. We sell cylinder hand trucks so customers don’t need to use back work to transport cylinders. We also provide the very best safety cabinets and flammable liquids cabinets as well. Our flammable cabinets are made by such great companies as Justrite, A & A Securall, Jamco, Durham, Gillis and others as well. We always suggest self closing cabinets. This is especially true with flammable liquids models.

Consider the product in a cabinet catching fire. When this happens, the best place to be is outside the plant, and the best time to be there was 2 minutes ago. With a self closing cabinet, the fire melts a fuseable link and the door closes, extinguishing the fire. A manually closing door needs to be closed for the fire to be controlled. A self closing cabinet gives piece of mind for such a small premium, it isn’t worth even thinking about.

A Plus Warehouse is your quality dealer nationwide offering great products at every day low prices! Our sales staff is among the very best in the country, and probably the world! When you need help ordering cylinder cabinets or other storage equipment, just contact us – we are ready to help. We handle off the shelf equipment as well as special order single run items as well. Our KingCab line of cabinets and work benches can provide highly specialized and customized benches and cabinets. We also provide customized conveyor systems and integrated material handling systems as well.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now, and we look forward to your becoming our next great customer.

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