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Storage Cabinets for Garage

Garage cabinets and garage storage cabinets are no longer just for auto and cycle enthusiasts. Our customers consider the garage to be a new 'grown up' recreation room. Garages provide plenty of storage space for our customers.Where would you like to do basic work on your cars or do light carpentry and other projects? Of course the right place is your garage and a garage cabinet or garage cabinet suite is needed to store your equipment safely and neatly. The Ulti-mate by BH furniture is the same quality you came to count on from chain stores nationwide. The Ulti Mate is now available from A Plus Warehouse nationwide with free shipping to the lower 48 states!

A Plus Warehouse has many industrial accounts who demand more capacity. For this reason BH Furniture came out with the Ultimate Garage Pro series of garage cabinets. Garage cabinetry in that family come with Silver front (doors and drawers) and color gray throughout. The color is stunning looking very much like the metallic color you see in the Lexus car line. Metal garage cabinets are available by Lyons and Penco are available as well.

Garage cabinets are used by high end users who expect a quality product with great value.  Additionally, A Plus Warehouse had to think about how to serve a consumer market for garage storage cabinets.  Standard LTL trucking is very expensive for residential delivery.  To resolve this problem, we have partnered with BH Furniture and major LTL carriers so that all the typical accessorial charges can be waived or minimized.  With this plan, A Plus Warehouse is able to offer you a garage cabinet and garage storage cabinets to any customer with no additional freight charges!

We want to make it easy to place your order storage units.  Most garages can use more than just one cabinet.  When multiple cabinets are combined on one order, there is an economy on shipping charges.  Remember that shipping is comprised of pick up, drop off, and line haul.  One cabinet or 10 cabinets have the same pick up and drop off cost.  The only difference is the per mile line haul rate.  When researching our pricing, you will see that a suite of 10 cabinets costs a lot less than 10 single cabinets – due to this economy of scale.  It is our pleasure to pass on the savings to you every time.

Our BH Furniture garage cabinets are available from small units measuring 23 in wide and 35 in h all the way to large cabinets measuring 36 x 21 x 80 h.  We offer full suites of garage cabinets with 11 pieces included – so an entire garage can be taken care of simply!

All of our garage cabinetry is provided RTA (ready to assemble).  The Ulti Mate Garage Pro series sports a 200 pound capacity per shelf and higher end hardware compared to the 100 pound capacity and utility hardware for the Ultimate Garage series.  In car parlance, the Ulti Mate Garage and Ulti Mate Storage lines are Toyota in quality.  Who has ever been displeased with a fine car like a Toyota? The Ulti Mate Garage Pro is analogous to the Lexus line of product.  It has the same quality as Toyota with added panache.

With garage storage cabinets, A Plus Warehouse is making great strides in handling our valued consumer accounts, and is making a great line available to our industrial accounts as well.  We are your source for lockers, shelving, conveyors, and now garage cabinets as well! 

We are your right choice, right now!

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