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Heavy Duty Metal Cabinets

A Plus Warehouse is your source for high quality heavy duty metal storage cabinets. Heavy duty metal cabinets typically have a capacity range of 500-1000 pounds per shelf. However, many of our storage products offer you even higher capacities. When an office cabinet just can't handle your storage needs, heavy duty metal storage cabinet products from A Plus Warehouse are your solution. Browse our selection and find the products you need at great, affordable prices.

Heavy Duty Metal Storage Cabinets for Heavy Duty Applications

Cabinets can fulfill the storage requirements of practically hundreds of applications. However, when your needs far outweigh your usual cabinets' storage capabilities, that's when you need to bring out the big stuff. Heavy duty metal storage cabinets from A Plus Warehouse are used in military and heavy industry applications. Capable of storing heavy equipment and machine parts used for manufacturing and maintenance, heavy duty industrial storage cabinets provide you with a superior product with high capacity and strong materials.

Select Your Heavy Duty Cabinet Choice

Now that you know the variety of uses for these cabinets, you can select the one that works best for you. We at A Plus Warehouse have a full range of all-welded products that are set up and ready to use.

Economy heavy duty storage cabinets are sturdy, all-welded 14 GA steel cabinets that offer you thousands of pounds of capacity at a low price. We offer three different widths of cabinet that gives you 1500, 1600, and 1800 lbs. of capacity per shelf.

Extra wide steel cabinets made by Lyons are a quality cabinet you can count on. These have wide doors for easy access and can come with extra shelves installed for even more storage. Each shelf can support up to 1450 lbs. These shelves have 4-inch legs that make moving them around your facility simple and convenient. Lyon also makes Deluxe Jumbo Metal Storage Cabinets. At 48 inches wide, these cabinets have shelves that offer up to an incredible 2000 lb. capacity. You can order these in full height and counter height to your convenience.

Be sure to check out our see through heavy duty metal cabinet options. When you need security and visibility, these cabinets are what you need. The doors of these cabinets are made in a ventilated style that let you take inventory at a glance. We have several metal cabinets with locking doors made by Lyon and Durham that offer you added security and shelving.

A Plus Warehouse is Your Right Choice Right Now

If you do not see the size or description of cabinet you require, please don't hesitate to contact us. We at A Plus Warehouse do special orders in any quantity to get you exactly what you need. We are eager to earn your business, and our sales representatives are standing to provide you with the help you need!

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