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Medium Duty Metal Cabinets

A medium duty metal storage cabinet is a cost-effective storage solution for any industrial warehouse. Medium duty is preferred when you are dealing with storing equipment and supplies of a moderate weight. The typical metal storage cabinet shelf capacity is generally several hundred pounds of weight, which is more than enough to meet most industrial needs. A Plus Warehouse has your metal storage cabinet needs available assembled or unassembled for your purchasing convenience.

 Medium Duty Metal Storage Cabinet Options


Your choice of metal storage cabinet will depend on what you need to store. Is your facility in need of cleaning supply storage for brooms, mops, and cleaning solutions? Do you need more space to put small- or medium-sized tools and equipment? Do you want to store these items and be able to see through the cabinet doors for added visibility? You can get all that and more with these medium duty metal cabinets.


Medium duty economy metal cabinets provide hundreds of pounds of shelf capacity storage for an affordable price. Quality materials are used to construct sturdy cabinets like the Economy Jumbo Storage Cabinet. With 48-inch wide shelving and 200# capacity, this cabinet is ideal for storing a large amount of light/medium loads such as office administration supplies.


Medium duty combination cabinets help you make the most of your space by offering you a multitude of different storage types. Full width shelf cabinets with 200# and 400# capacities are available. Combine them with hat shelves and coat rods to provide convenient uniform storage for your warehouse employees. Choose from the several combination options available to you and customize your ideal storage solution. You can also order extra shelves and even a caster kit for your cabinets for added mobility.


See through storage cabinets provide security and visibility. Up to four shelves hold your supplies, which you can see at a glance through two glass panels. See through cabinets ship fully assembled.


Order Your Metal Cabinets Today


For other kinds of cabinets, please consult our cabinets page. But if it’s medium duty metal storage cabinets you need, you can order most cabinets either assembled or unassembled. Unassembled gets you all the parts necessary for constructing the cabinet while saving a substantial amount of money. You may also order your cabinets assembled, which arrives to your warehouse or facility already built and ready to store.


A Plus Warehouse sells medium duty metal cabinets in a variety of colors and functions. If you need assistance finding just the right kind of cabinet, please call 800-209-8798 to speak with one of our helpful sales representatives.

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