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Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. We stock our Deluxe cabinets nationwide. We are one of the very few that stock a wide line of heavy duty metal cabinets featuring product that holds 1900 pounds per shelf. In choosing a quality cabinet, the important questions are: Do you want to assemble metal cabinets and do you need heavy duty or medium duty industrial cabinets.

Do not let yourself get confused by gauges that dealers quote you. The only important capacity measure is the weight capacity. Gauge is confusing as a lower gauge is thicker than larger gauges. For this reason, a large gauge cabinet can be quoted, and you could be convinced that it is better than a low gauge alternative. We make it easy. If you want 150 pound capacity per shelf, you need commercial cabinets. If you need about 400 pound capacity per shelf, metal cabinets are the choice. Heavy duty units range from 1000 pounds per shelf to 1900 pounds per shelf capacity. We sell many interesting specialty cabinets.

For example, we sell filing cabinets. In fact, we do a great job on Safco flat file cabinets. Of course we stock metal filing cabinets as well. A Plus Warehouse stocks many great brands of metal cabinets. These brands include Lyon cabinets, Penco and Edsal. Some customers consider these items metal garage cabinets.

Many different categories of customers order cabinets. Food service operations or other customers with USDA issues normally order our standard industrial stainless steel cabinets many brewers use our stainless steel storage cabinets both in the US and worldwide.

If you have maintenance people in your organization, you can save money by ordering unassembled cabinets. Some customers that use metal cabinets are storing flammable liquids. In those cases, a flammable liquids safety cabinet is required. Perhaps you need to be able to move your cabinets within your plant. We sell the perfect combination of cart and cabinet. Our mobile cabinets may well fit the bill. Unlike other internet companies A Plus Warehouse has trained salespeople ready to offer some suggestion for your storage equipment needs. Our telephone number is 800-209-8798, and we are here to be of assistance.

We are also a good source for metal garage cabinets.

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