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Mobile Storage Cabinets

Mobile Storage Cabinets and mobile cabinets are an important part of efficient operation at any manufacturer or distribution point. A Plus Warehouse is a national supplier of fine quality mobile storage cabinets and other mobile cabinets and mobile lathe cabinets.

Of course A Plus Warehouse is well respected for our expertise in Conveyors, Shelving and Pallet Racks but we also provide industrial users with the very finest in mobile storage cabinets as well. Some dealers take flimsy unassembled cabinets, slap on some casters and call them mobile cabinets. Although this meets the strictest definition of mobile storage cabinets, or mobile computer cabinets - we differ with that type of product.

A PlusWarehouse offers a range of mobile tool carts and mobile cabinets – all of which are all welded for added strength. Our least expensive mobile tool cabinets are produced of lighter gauge steel. Our most popular and heaviest capacity mobile storage cabinets and mobile computer cabinets are genuine KingCab mobile storage cabinets. As with their stationary units, these are made of Ultra strong 12 Gauge metal. There is not a more rugged domestically produced cabinet on the market that we are aware of.

Why do users order their mobile storage cabinets and mobile computer cabinets from A Plus Warehouse? This is a great question. A Plus Warehouse has been in the wholesale distribution business for many years, and has earned a reputation as a high service and high quality product distributor. By partnering with such great vendors as KingCab, Lyons, Penco, List Industries , Qualcab and others mobile cabinets vendors – A Plus Warehouse stands out in the crowd as the company you want to fill your valued mobile storage cabinets or mobile lathe cabinets orders. We are also a broad line material handling dealer as well.

Considering that we provide conveyors, racking systems and ergonomic handling solutions – it is obvious that we can handle orders for mobile storage cabinets. Other lines take technical expertise and understanding of some physics concepts. Our mobile storage cabinets sell themselves basically. If you want the most rugged product available anywhere, you have the right source with A Plus Warehouse – especially for mobile lathe cabinets. If you want an economy solution that isn't a cheap design – we handle requests as that also. We provide a whole range of products with the focus on quality. Our economy units are a great value for the price, while our KingCabs are the best quality and heaviest duty mobile storage cabinets for those willing to pay a reasonable premium for a great product.

We also offer a premier buying experience by backing up our world class website with the finest collection of salespeople in the warehouse equipment distribution business. Our highly trained, salaried people understand that their continued career at A Plus Warehouse hinges one only one thing. Is the customer you are handling now pleased with our service level? Although we strive to exceed what you expect from us, how we handle ourselves when an issue pops up speaks volumes. We have no interest in anything but making sure you are pleased with your buying experience. Having one customer tell 5 other companies to order mats from A Plus Warehouse is probably worth more than a ½ page add in a trade journal. So, try A Plus Warehouse for your mobile cabinets needs. You will be pleased with our prompt shipments, our courteous service and our world class website. Feel free to call 800-209-8798 if you need a customized cart.

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