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Plastic Cabinets

A Plus Warehouse is here to sell plastic cabinets! Not many places sell plastic cabinets, but we know there is a demand for these products, so we sell them. If there is a demand for something, then we have it. These sorts of cabinets are not like any ordinary one, they are different and unique. We like the unique qualities this storage system has. Because it is plastic you will never run into problems with rusting and danger of that sort of contamination. This material is great for wet application use, not many other products are like that. Instead of the basic metal or wooden items, try our plastic cabinets.

Suncast Commercial

Suncast commercial supplies us with our plastic cabinets, along with the tilt trucks, cart, and many other items. Unlike many other supplies, this supply has their product made in U.S.A. Not only does their product come from America, but it has been for a while now. More precisely they have been around for over 25 years and they are not planning to go away anytime soon. Not only do they provide us with great service and product, but they have been for years, so we value them very much and are glad to supply our customers with Suncast items.

Where are these Cabinets Seen?

Our plastic cabinets are used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in health clubs and private homes, really you could see these anywhere. The material is easy to maintain which is why so many people select it. Our giant plastic storage cabinet is a great product if you want something simple and easy. It is quick to assemble, heavy duty, and the shelves have 200 pound capacity. Not to mention that this is a special free freight item. Another item in this category that many customers find interesting is known as the plastic wall cabinet. This one is smaller and easier to move around. Similarly, it is a free freight item and is easy to assemble. The shelf can hold up to 100 pounds. Both these cabinets are good options for any warehouse, it all depends what sort of use one may want out of it. If you want the highest quality plastic cabinets manufactured by Suncast Commercial, look no further than A Plus Warehouse. We have just what you need and are ready to help our customer find the product we need. Gives us a call today, we have sales reps ready to answer any inquiry you may have.

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