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Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets are in stock for immediate delivery at A Plus Warehouse. They are essential when storing any sort of flammable liquid. You can rely on A Plus Warehouse to supply you with very safe and high-quality fire safety and chemical cabinets.


We are pleased to sell Justrite safety cabinets. Justrite has been in business in 1906 and has saved the lives of unknown numbers of employees. Their fire safety and chemical cabinets are safe and dependable.  They protect the people and the planet.

The Necessity of Fire Safety Cabinets

In dealing with flammable materials, it is irresponsible to use standard storage cabinets. Our storage cabinets work great to store reams of paper, but reams of paper cannot blow up in your face! The smartest way to pick a fire safety cabinet is to look at some of the links provided and see what the law requires.

Beyond the scope of law, we always recommend auto closing flammable liquid safety cabinets over manual units. Auto close cabinets have fusible links that hold the doors open. These metallic links melt at a relatively low temperature and the spring-loaded doors close themselves. In the case of a manual door, an employee needs to shut the door him or herself after the fire starts. In a fire, we suggest getting out quickly and letting the cabinets take care of themselves. Please never obstruct a fire safety cabinet door! The auto close feature is a waste if there is an obstruction preventing a door from closing in an accident.

Super Safety Cabinets

Our super safety cabinets are the perfect place to store flammables. The cabinet is OSHA, NFPA, and FM compliant and includes a fail-safe closing mechanism. This product is also available with either manual closing or the recommended self-closing doors. Capacities range from 30 to 90 gallons.

Gas Cylinder Cabinets

There are different rules for flammables and gas cylinders. Please make sure to order the correct product. We sell cylinder cabinets in both steel and aluminum – both horizontal and vertical. For convenience we offer many cylinder safety cabinets unassembled and assembled.

Our compressed gas cylinder cabinet can hold 10 to 20 gas cylinders. The product is reliable and will not rust. The 20 cylinder version of this cabinet measures 30” W X 60” D X 65” H.

Your Right Source, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for all things safety related. We also supply many other categories of product including work benches, shelving, mats, and conveyors to name just a few. We are always here and ready to help. Order Now!

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