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Shop Cabinets

Shop cabinets are always a hot seller at A Plus Warehouse. KingCab Cabinets are very popular shop cabinets. They are the king of all cabinets! For the best shop storage cabinets, we suggest our KingCab 12 GA all welded metal shop cabinets. A 12 GA shop cabinet is perfect when you need to store heavy items. If you need to store a lot of items, this KingCab shop cabinet is the way to do it. Shelf capacity for a 12GA shop storage cabinet is up to 1900 pounds per shelf! The shelves are 14 GA. This cabinet is made to last a life time. The product also happens to always be in stock! Of course if you are storing lighter items, a 14 16 or even 18 GA shop cabinet will work out just fine for you. Generally, the lower the gauge of a cabinet, the stronger the cabinet. Keyless locks are optional for all KingCab cabinets. They generally make life easier for our customers. It keeps you belongings very secure, and you no longer need to worry about remembering combinations for padlocks!


Our Bigblue line of shop cabinets is also very popular. They are unique in that they are heavy duty and strong yet are also fun and feature many different colors with the standard being a dark blue cabinet with red shelves when applicable. Our Bigblue cabinet filled with bins is a perfect addition to the work place. It is available in configuration between  132 and 227 bins. The bins are ideal for storing small valuables. The doors have keyed handles with three point locking mechanism. Bigblue cabinets come in a large variety of colors including white, dark blue, light blue, orange, beige , putty , yellow , dark green, vista green, black, dark brown, red, and gray. What more do you need!


                At A Plus Warehouse, we know our cabinets. We offer a large variety of cabinets including but not limited to bin, industrial, mobile and of course shop cabinets. Many of our cabinets fit into more than one category. Customers want a large variety of product, and it is our aim to give customers that variety. Shop and Garage cabinets are there to help you get the work done. A Plus Warehouse products feature high quality you can rely on. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable and there to help you every step of the way!

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