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Stainless Steel Cabinets

We have stainless steel cabinets for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. No other type of product lets you store your supplies with absolute confidence! Our commercial and industrial stainless steel cabinets are corrosion-resistant and built to last. They are an essential part of any pharmacy or food service facility. When you need to rely on your cabinets to safely store sensitive product or supplies, you can’t go wrong with industrial stainless steel cabinets. A Plus Warehouse has all the stainless steel storage your facility needs.

Stainless Steel Cabinets: Sleek and Tough

Our industrial and commercial stainless steel cabinets are everything you’ve been looking for in long-lasting storage for your restaurant, hospital, manufacturing facility, or pharmacy. Here are a few of our most popular models:

Our standard stainless steel storage cabinet products are ideal for all the applications listed above. They are 12-gauges thick of stainless steel alloy, meaning it is rust-proof, acid- and corrosion-resistant, and durable. Commercial stainless steel cabinets keep utensils and cookware in tip-top shape and, when used in a hospital application, help keep gloves and face masks clean.

We also have see-through and ventilated industrial stainless steel cabinets. These offer you complete visibility, which makes finding the right product extremely easy. These are perfect for helping employees of pharmaceutical companies locate medication in a timely and efficient manner.

We also have stainless steel bin cabinets that are ideal as commercial stainless steel cabinets. These can keep your nuts, bolts, screws, and bits all rust-free and organized for your convenience. These stainless steel cabinet organizers are ideal for your mechanic’s garage or manufacturing facility where loose parts are common—and even more commonly lost, due to improper storage!

In addition to our freestanding cabinets, we have a stainless steel wall-mounted cabinet model that is perfect for saving some space. Stainless steel wall cabinets let you place highly used items near you, making them accessible without taking up a bunch of space.

Customize Your Storage with Extra Shelves and Doors

At A Plus Warehouse, we are committed to getting you exactly what you need. We know you have to work hard to meet the specific requirements of your industry. That is why we offer flexible customization options in all things relating to our cabinets, from their sizes down to their storage capacities. We offer different configurations of industrial and commercial stainless steel cabinets with stainless steel cabinet doors, shelves, and extra drawers for increased storage and convenience.

A Plus Warehouse is the Honest Commercial Stainless Steel Cabinet Dealer

In the world of online ordering, what you see isn’t always what you get. That’s why it is important to choose a warehouse equipment dealer you can trust. When you buy industrial stainless steel cabinets from A Plus Warehouse, you’ll get not only quality products but also our A+ service. For years we’ve been listing the actual products we offer to give you the utmost confidence when you purchase from us. We are not in the business of misleading our customers—just contact us or call 1-800-209-8798 to find out!

Great service includes getting you a great price on great products. Considering all of stainless steel’s excellent qualities, you might assume that cabinets made from this material must cost quite a bit. That’s why A Plus Warehouse offers several economy models of our peerless stainless steel cabinet. These offer you the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from stainless steel but at a budget-friendly price. Choose a cabinet style from our selection and make your order today!

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