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Casters are an important family of products at A Plus Warehouse. We stock great casters made by firms such as Albion, Colson, Hamilton Caster, Fairbanks, Payson, Fairbanks, Triopines and others. Casters are required by many of our customers both on the MRO side as well as OEM. Any product manufactured that needs to roll requires casters and any rolling item requiring periodic maintenance requires after market casters as well.

There certainly are some dealers selling casters online, but few offer professional sales help, and have an understanding of your requirements. What Durometer do you need for your casters? What is the static and dynamic loading requirements ? Do you have any shock loading requiring shock absorbers? Do you have NAFTA requirements that make imported casters unusable? These are some of the questions we may ask to help in selling you the right caster for your application.

For your convenience , we sell Albion , Triopines, Colson and Fairbanks casters in Moldon Rubber, Polyurethane, Polyolefin, Steel , and other surfaces as well. We even sell the giant Payson dual wheel casters that have capacities exceeding 10,000 pounds per caster. We provide casters from 50 pound capacity straight up to casters working on conveyor tow lines with over 10,000 pound capacity. When we sell you a caster , you know that you are dealing with a pre-eminent dealer able to fill your order in a prompt manner at a very good value. The days of the customer telling us make it round , and get it to me eventually are long gone. Now we are accustomed to fielding orders for JIT inventory and six sigma work. We fill these requirement expertly.

Casters are a major part of an integrated material handling system , and we certainly have the other components covered as well as casters. Consider what items use casters and wheels. Platform trucks are a staple of material handling dealers , and platform trucks and carts move about on casters. We sell these items and provide them with casters ranging in size from 4 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Another family of our products that use casters would be warehouse ladders. Warehouse ladders , unlike traditional handyman ladders have a wheeled base , so they can easily be placed anywhere within your facility. Also consider expanding conveyors , mobile benches and mobile cabinets. All of these item A Plus Warehouse sells , and all include casters.

Many of our casters can easily be maintained as the include zerk fittings. With a zerk fitting , grease can be shot directly through a hollow axle into the bearing , or into the ball ring in the caster plate. This makes maintenance of your casters much easier.

We are your source , and look forward to being off assistance.