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Belt Conveyors for Sale

Belt conveyors at A Plus Warehouse are a must buy product. It makes for an easier way to transport goods without strenuous physical labor. Not only can strenuous physical labor be frustrating, but it can also be very costly to your health and wellbeing!

Our Conveyors

A Plus Warehouse specializes in the distribution of conveyors of all different kinds. Our line up includes gravity, incline, dirt, and of course belt conveyors to name a few. All our conveyor systems are meant to make work easier and more efficient. They are a must have for any warehouse or distribution center.

Roller vs Belt Conveyors

Our belt conveyors perform a very similar function to our roller conveyors. Both types of products are incredibly useful with transporting items from location A to location B. But what are the differences?


On the basic level, customers can see that a roller conveyors are made of rollers whereas belt conveyors are often supported by metal slider pans or plastic strips. The conveyor belt is also powered, where as roller conveyors are typically not.


Belt conveyors are best used for conveyor irregular, small or bagged products. They also typically work better on inclines and declines that a standard roller conveyor.

Roach Conveyor

Roach Conveyor manufactured many of our belt conveyors, and conveyors in general. The company is very well known in the industry. It was started in 1953 with the intention of building heavy duty conveyors to transport heavy duty loads. After so many years, the company has lives up to its promise.


Box Style Slider Belt Conveyor

This product is in stock and ready to go! It includes a PVC-120 Belt with 60 FPM belt speed. Conveyor features 1/3 HP 230/460 three phase 60 HZ power.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Electrical controls are sold separately for this conveyor. It is open bed style with 60 FPM speed. We highly recommended a licensed electrician for electrical installation. Conveyor belt can be ordered in sizes between 6 and 36 inches.

Why A Plus Warehouse

Count on A Plus Warehouse to get your moving. We are your right source, right now! Our company started in 1996 and is always innovating and expanding.  We are proud to offer much product selectin to our customers and are also always happier to work with customers to figure out the perfect solution to fit their needs. Call us today at 800-209-8798.


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