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Damaged Freight Policy

A Plus Warehouse takes proactive steps to insure shipments arrive in good condition, however sometimes damages may happen.

These things tend to happen rarely, but should be addressed properly when they occur.

Freight is always FOB Origin - meaning the ownership of the property transfers to the consignee on the shipper's dock.  Any damage to the product needs to be noted on delivery. When damage occurs the carrier agent should make the notation on the delivery receipt. Do not sign the delivery receipt until this is done. Any claim for damage is between the consignee (customer) and the trucker. When damages are noted on delivery, freight claims work out much better than when receivers do not adequately inspect their deliveries. Additionally, if a shipment is obviously a complete loss, [for example, driven over by a forklift] the proper decision is to refuse the entire shipment as damaged, or if allowed by the delivering trucker - refuse just the damaged pieces. If damage is discovered after delivery you must immediately contact the carrier for a concealed damage inspection. This must be done in a timely manner. Freight claims need to be for the lowest amount possible to adequately solve the problem.

When a shipment is partially or completely refused as damaged - or received damaged and signed - the next step is to contact A Plus Warehouse with the extent of damages, so we can work on the value of the replacement.

Damages are no pleasure for any party involved - but we do our very best to make it a simple process.



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