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Dock Equipment

Finding sturdy loading dock equipment for your industrial loading dock is essential. Making sure your goods leave and arrive safely on a daily basis is of paramount importance to your business. We at A Plus Warehouse know this. That is why we stock a huge selection of loading dock equipment to help you meet your needs. When you need nothing but the best, you can count on us to provide you with loading dock equipment that is affordable and will arrive in a timely fashion.

Equip Your Warehouse with High Quality Loading Dock Equipment

Our loading dock equipment is ideal for the most demanding industrial applications. Whether you run a busy distribution center or a manufacturing plant with delicate materials, loading dock equipment from A Plus Warehouse is what you need. You can transfer your goods smoothly when your dock is outfitted with the right equipment.

Dock plates are ideal for carting goods to and from your delivery trucks using material handling equipment such as pallet trucks and 2-wheeled hand trucks. We offer these loading dock ramps and plates in aluminum, rubber, and steel at 24-inch to 60-inch widths.

Dock boards is an essential type of dock equipment for heavy-duty industrial docking via forklift. When dock plates aren’t able to withstand the weight, that’s when you need dock boards. Our aluminum and steel dock boards come with bolt-on or welded curbs to ensure maximum safety.

Have a tall dock? Dock lifts are for you! If you’re dealing with carrying tons of heavy materials a day, a dock lift is the perfect type of commercial loading dock equipment. Available for outdoor use, as well as in hydraulic and heavy-duty (16,000 or 20,000 pound capacity).

Add dock levelers to your dock for easy access to your delivery trucks. We carry dock leveler options in electric hydraulic, mechanical, and automatic for your convenience. You can always ensure steady transportation with loading dock levelers!

Dock Equipment for Any Industrial Function from A Plus Warehouse

If you need your truck dock equipment shipped right away, you have found your source at A Plus Warehouse. We sell excellent quality and value loading dock equipment made by the top dock equipment manufacturers.

  • Vestil
  • Bluff
  • T&S
  • Koke Equipment
  • Handle-It
  • Wesco
  • And many others!


All our industrial warehouse dock equipment is offered to provide just what you need. Choosing a trusted brand is just one of the many factors that goes into outfitting your dock with the equipment you need.

Safety and Satisfaction is Our Promise to You

Safety of your goods is important, of course. But equally important, if not more so, is the protection of you and your employees. At A Plus Warehouse, we have a wide selection of practical dock equipment and parts. While not as high-tech as our lifts and levers, these are absolutely essential in ensuring the safety of your goods and employees. Browse our dock bumpers, dock bumper strips, wheel chocks, cargo bars, cargo strapping, dock safety railings, and other dock equipment at your leisure.

When ordering loading dock equipment online, it is important to know you are working with a reputable dealer. You must choose a loading dock equipment company who can handle the scale of your business. With A Plus Warehouse, your search for dependable loading dock equipment ramps and other parts is over. Just as we are committed to protecting you while loading and unloading your dock, so too are we when offering you a reliable site to order from. We can meet the your business needs by providing you with a range of essential and convenient loading dock equipment for any application—from loading 60 pound packages to pallets of goods via forklift.

Contact us or call 800-209-8798! We are your solution to getting the safe, effective dock your facility needs.

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