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Dock Boards

Dock boards are important to the complete safety of your loading dock operations. They allow you to safely use forklifts and other power equipment when moving heavy loads to and from your loading dock. We at A Plus Warehouse sell aluminum and steel  boards with bolt-on or welded curbs. Choose the one that's right for your loading application and start moving loads today!

 Curb Adds Safety

All dock boards come with safety curbs. These ensure that a forklift or other powered lifting machine won't fall off the ramp. Dock boards can handle much heavier loads than dock plates, so it's important to have that extra layer of safety. To give you an idea, a forklift that weighs thousands of pounds can gain a lot of momentum when it moves. Even if you’re being careful, you may find yourself veering toward the edge of the board. You'll be thankful for those safety curbs! 

Different Dock Board Styles

Easy to Use style keep things simple. Why complicate the loading/unloading process more than it needs to be? This piece of dock equipment handles 10,000 to 25,000 lbs. and can easily be moved into place with a forklift.  

Aluminum boards with steel curbs are the standard here at A Plus Warehouse. This tough aluminum dock board supports 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 lbs. The curbs are made from structural steel and are tapered at the end. This is your best bet for a product that will get the job done and fit your basic needs.

We also sell a Rugged Aluminum version of this product.  

Red and Blue Pin style offer a unique form of security for loading and unloading. These connect your loading dock to the truck like any other dock board but with one added safety measure. Pins are placed in pin holes along the side of the board, which prevents slippage. These are among the safest dock equipment product you can use!  

Steel Truck style is designed for ease of use and ease of transfer from truck to dock. We offer several models that handle 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 lbs. to offer you peak efficiency and strength.  

Steel Yard Ramps are even better at handling truck-to-ground level loads than most of our other dock equipment. Yard ramps can reach up to 36 ft. with a 30,000 capacity.  

We also sell Shipping Container ramps. These are ideal for handling large weights that must be loaded to the ground.

Contact us for all your questions regarding loading dock boards!

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