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Dock Levelers

A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer of dock leveler products. Dock levelers are a convenient and safe way to load and unload heavy product from delivery trucks. These offer better stability, effectively minimizing truck movement while your forklifts are moving product. While dock boards essentially fulfill the same purpose, loading dock levelers stay attached to the dock itself and make deliveries simpler and more convenient. From electric hydraulic dock levelers, edge of dock levelers, mechanical dock levelers, and automatic dock levelers, we have the top dock levelers for sale shipped nationwide at every day value pricing.

Move Product Safely with a Dock Leveler

Our automatic dock leveler is our most convenient dock leveler by far. A loading ramp automatically raises as soon as a truck backs up into it, making access easy no matter how high your dock is from the truck. Each has a 20,000-pound capacity and can be customized to fit the needs of your facility’s loading dock. These options include shallow pit, foam insulation, curb angle set, bumper extensions, and more.

We also sell electrical and mechanical dock leveler products. These differ in the way they are operated but still give you great stability and accessibility. To deploy the dock leveler, an operator must press and hold a button for the electrical unit or pull a chain for the mechanical unit. Both of these dock levelers have a capacity of 20,000 pounds.

The Edge-O-Dock leveler hooks onto the steel edge of your dock. A metal pull handle is operated mechanically or hydraulically to load and unload trucks. These work best when the leveler is lower than the dock but very close in height to the dock. The Edge-O-Dock offers you several capacity options for loads weighing 6,000, 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000 pounds.

Dock levelers are an important part of your dock equipment and material handling system. Once you’ve chosen the dock leveler that will work best for your industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant, take a look at our wheel chocks and risers, stabilizing jacks, receiving desks, dock shelters, and more. We at A Plus Warehouse want to provide you with all the items you need for a safe, efficient load dock.

A Plus Warehouse Makes Ordering Dock Levelers Easy

Ordering automatic, electrical, mechanical loading docks is easy when you go through us. When you’re ready to order or request a quote, simply contact us online or call 800-209-8798. Once you’re satisfied with your quote for dock levelers and dock equipment, all it takes is the click of a button to convert your quote to an order. It’s so convenient!

Can’t decide between an automatic or electrical dock leveler? Have questions on our mechanical dock leveler pricing? Our A+ customer service staff have the expertise to offer you A+ assistance in placing your order. Our website has up-to-date features, but that’s no replacement for a truly personable team of professional salespeople. Whichever way you’re most comfortable with getting the dock leveler products you need, A Plus Warehouse wants to help you get them!

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