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Dock Levelers

A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer for dock levelers of all types. Our dock levelers include edge of dock, Electric Hydraulic dock levelers, Mechanical and Automatic dock levelers. We sell nationwide at every day value pricing.

Dock levelers are a convenient way of getting access to trucks for loading and unloading. Without dock levelers, a dock board is required for access, and this item needs to be transported and deployed per use. The benefit of a dock leveler is that it remains with the dock , and is used simply when a truck arrives at your dock. The best dock leveler we offer in terms of convenience is automatic

The automatic dock leveler is activated by a truck backing up into it. This physical action forces a ramp to raise then deploy into the truck, eliminating all labor to access the truck. The electrical unit requires an operator to hit a button and hold it until the dock leveler is deployed, and the mechanical unit required a bit of muscle work to pull a chain that deploys the leveler.

The Edge O Dock leveler is an interesting dock leveler that actually hooks onto the steel edge of your dock. The lip is actuated by a metal pull handle , or can be operated mechanically or hydraulically . The Edge O Dock is not quite as versatile as the ramping length is much less than that of the dock levelers. Use this type leveler when you are loading and unloading trucks lower than the dock but very close in height to the dock. When you have a larger height differential , we strongly suggest the automatic dock leveler or one of the others.

Alternatives to levelers include dock boards and dock plates. These are perfectly fine items , but do require labor and equipment to use. In the case of dock boards , they tend to weigh over 300 pounds , so clearly can not be lifted by hand. Typically dockboards are transported by forklift , and stored in an 'out of the way' location against an empty wall or in a pallet rack.

Additional items to order for your loading dock include stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, receiving desks, dock shelters and all storage and handling equipment. Dock levelers are certainly an important part of your material handling system. We'd like you to know that our expertise not only covers your dock, but goes to your shelving and rack requirements, conveyors, work benches, overhead lifting and forklift adapters. We have a trained and highly qualified staff ready to address and meet your requirements.

Try our website, or call – any way you want to reach us is fine. Our website will allow you to order or request a formal quotation. A quotation emailed from us is an actionable document. For your convenience , our quoting system allows you to convert a quotation to an order just by clicking a button on the quote. However , we have real people who are able to do all the assistance you need in placing the order. Stated another way , we handle orders the new way , and are equally comfortable doing it the old way. A Plus Warehouse will never replace real sales people with internet software. Our internet software simply makes the process easier for customers and more efficient for sales people. We are ready now to help with your dock lever requirements.