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Dock Lifts

Every loading dock should have a dock lift. Without a dock lifts, trucks with odd height differentials are not well served by your dock. The prime example is the brown UPS truck. If your loading dock is optimized for handling semi trailers with a dock plate or dock board, you will soon see that the Brown UPS truck is too low for your dock. Also, the height difference is too much for a dock plate or dock board to safely handle. The result is that you need to bend over the dock and hand the boxes down to the UPS driver. This can work for a few 10 pound boxes per day, but consider 60 fifty pound boxes per day. How would that make your back feel? A good dock lift will allow you to put all the boxes on the loading dock lift plate itself (size is usually at least 6 feet deep), then lower the entire load to the Brown truck.

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