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Industrial Warning Lights

Can you imagine a world without safety lights? Think about your day to day life.  Have you ever seen a traffic light? These lights tell cars when to stop and when to go.  This is a crucial light that many of us deal with on a day to day basis. However, lights in this section are not meant for traffic. These lights are meant to  use on a loading dock. A Loading docking can be a very dangerous place. There is often a lot going on. Far too many are killed by way of forklift accidents. Most of these accidents can easily be avoided. All our products are incredibly safe! Safety is our priority at A Plus Warehouse.  A industrial warning light is the perfect way to let someone know you are there.  These are an important safety tool to have in your collection.

              LED Stop and Go Light

  Our LED stop and go  light is a little traffic light meant for your dock. Just as a standard traffic light, the green light signifies go and red light signifies stop!  Are you looking to be more energy efficient with your lighting? If so, you will like appreciate that our stop and go lighting uses only 5 % of any incandescent light and lasts for years. This saves energy, maintenance costs, and fixture down time. We recommend this product when you are working in direct sunlight since sun visors on this product enhance visibility.

Look Out Warning Lights

Look Out Warning Lights are a warning sign to pedestrians of danger lurking around the corner. Did you know 40 Percent of all forklift fatalities are caused by being struck or run over by a fork lift? Look Out lights avoid this exact scenario. Aptly named “Look Out” it signifies people to take caution.  We also offer options for a loud audible alarm, pulsating lighting, or both. 

                If you are looking for more visibility inside your truck or around the dock area, we suggest our loading dock lights. We have a few different variations for these lights including incandescent and high pressure sodium units.  Light Stands are also available.  With more light, you see and know what is happening which makes your loading dock safer.

                A Plus Warehouse is proud to be at your service for over years. We promise high quality service and equally high quality products. We sell beyond industrial warning lights. We also offer other dock safety equipment such as wheel chocks and dock bumpers. Order your products today!

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