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Loading Dock Bumper

Loading Dock bumpers protect trucks and your loading dock from getting damaged due to accidents. Install dock bumpers on the edge of your dock or the sides of your warehouse building. Using them is like protecting yourself from thousands of dollars in damages—and a whole lot of headache! Find the right dock bumper product at A Plus Warehouse, your right choice, right now.

Use Loading Dock Bumpers and Save Your Equipment

Dock bumpers offer great bang for your buck. They're relatively inexpensive and easy to install. When you think about the damage even a small loading dock accident could cause, the installing a few dock bumpers is more than worth the price. Attach them to the dock or around the edges of your building. They work best in high traffic areas, so make sure you know your loading truck's most frequent routes before installing.  

Select Your Style of Dock Bumper

Extruded dock bumpers and extruded bumper strips create a larger "safe zone" for your loading dock. These solid rubber products attach to your walls or dock. When you need more than the usual amount of protection for your building, extruded is the style you want. We have a basic extruded dock bumper as well as an extruded bumper with a strip for increased visibility.  

Laminated dock bumpers are padded with reinforced rubber and fabric. These are used for preventing damage for heavy loading dock use. You can select them in 4-inch and 6-inch thick versions in horizontal or vertical to suit your needs.  

Molded bumpers and molded dock bumpers are used in loading dock and in-plant applications. These fit to exact specifications (which is why they are called ‘molded’ bumpers). These mount easily to wood, steel, and concrete, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. From long 30-inch bars to fitted T-shaped bumpers, we have the molded bumper you need.  

Build a Safer Loading Dock Today

Whether you’re preventing damage from big loading trucks or even from smaller forklifts, dock bumpers are essential. Without them, you could have a major accident on your hands. Reduce or outright eliminate that chance with the help of our products.  

Explore the full range of loading dock equipment here at A Plus Warehouse. Dock plates, dock ramps, and of course dock bumpers all contribute to a safer workplace. Just pick out everything you need or contact us to see what products you’re missing. We look forward to helping you make your facility a safer place to work!

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