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Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are the forgotten step sister of all loading dock equipment. Rubber wheel chocks tend to be not very sexy or expensive , so warehouse managers sometimes forget about them. We'd like to bring your attention to the noble wheel chock , and show how A Plus Warehouse is your best choice for quality industrial wheel chocks.

Wheel chocks are small and inexpensive, and dare we say forgettable. However this small piece of dock equipment is arguably the most important. They are a key factor in dock safety. They prevent potentially deadly workplace accidents. For such little money, there is no reason to not purchase wheel chocks. At A Plus Warehouse we truly believe that safety is the priority.

                We have all different sorts of wheel chocks including aluminum, steel, and rubber. We take pride in proving our customers with the greatest amount of options. While you are looking at wheel chocks why don’t you check out other A Plus Warehouse Dock Equipment? Our Dock Boards and Dock Plates are best sellers, and also play a significant part in keeping your work place safe.


Dock Boards

Dock Boards-we have them and you want them!  We sell only safe dock boards. They come with safety curbs so that a forklift does not fall off the ramp. It is very easy to start veering towards the edge of a dock board,  you do not need to worry about that with safety curbs. Did you know that A Plus Warehouse also offers Racking Ramps? They are all special order, so be sure to be careful when filling out the engineering form. A Plus Warehouse is able to do many special order products, just ask if you don’t see exactly what it is that you are looking for on our website.

Dock Plates

                Dock Plates- also a product you may very well need! This product line is very similar to dock boards. Dock plates are meant to bridge the gap between your loading dock and delivery truck. It is much safer than trying to lift loads. The key different between dock plates and dock boards is that dock plates are meant for light loads and foot traffic. A guy moving a few items with a hand truck is what dock plates are made for.

                Now that you know a little more about our dock equipment, it is time for you to order! We are a one stop location. Get all the loading dock equipment you want, obviously including wheel chocks. Don’t hesitate to call today. Our friendly sales staff will be happy to assist you.

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