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Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are the forgotten step sister of all loading dock equipment. Rubber wheel chocks tend to be not very sexy or expensive, so warehouse managers sometimes forget about them. We'd like to bring your attention to the noble wheel chock , and show how A Plus Warehouse is your best choice for quality industrial wheel chocks.

Inexpensive yet so Important

Wheel chocks are small and inexpensive, and dare we say forgettable. However, this small piece of dock equipment is arguably the most important. They are a key factor in dock safety. They prevent potentially deadly workplace accidents. For such little money, there is no reason to not purchase wheel chocks. At A Plus Warehouse we truly believe that safety is the priority.

Wheel chocks prevent accidents that can happen from a semi-trailer or truck moving from a stationary position.  If your budget allows for more, we also have an auto dock lock, where the truck backs in and the product grabs the truck and puts on a green light.

Different Styles

                We have all different sorts of wheel chocks including aluminum, steel, and rubber. We take pride in proving our customers with the greatest amount of options.  Learn about some of our different chocks!

Aircraft Chocks

Aircraft chocks are obviously designed for aircraft use. They can be utilized on either side, thanks to their reflective tape running down the lengths. We highly recommend ordering this product fully appliance with chain and hanger with reflector. This is the ultimate in dock safety.

Formed Steel Chock

Our form steel chock is also available fully appliance with a chain and hanger with reflector. Customers love this option! This product features saw tooth bottom for solid grip traction. It comes in a highly visible yellow color and can weather the storm!

Cast Steel Wheel Chock

This wheel chock touts superior holding power. Its slope design contours right to the truck wheel! Steel casting makes this wheel chock stronger than a standard wheel chock.


Proof Coil Chain

As mentioned, our fully appliance wheel chocks include a chain. However, customers still have the option of ordering a proof coil chain individually. They are heavy duty and galvanized with clevis grab hooks at the end. We have both 20 and 40 foot chains.

Why A Plus Warehouse?

We are a one stop location. Get all the loading dock equipment you want, obviously including wheel chocks. A Plus Warehouse has a very wide product offering that includes material handling equipment and storage equipment too! Don’t hesitate to call today at 800-209-8798. Our friendly sales staff will be happy to assist you.

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